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To get the most out of your web site, you need to maintain and upgrade site on regular basis. Axil Creations Solutions not only designs and develops your website but also maintains and upgrades it.

Your site should reflect the current trends and position of your company or firm and not look dated. Many a times due to amateurish handling of the site many errors and inconsistencies creep in to the site. But Professional expertise of Axil Creations Solutions designers in Nepal ensures that your site is up and running 24*7 in a prime condition.

The following are the areas addressed by our website maintenance package

  • Addition of new pages
  • Updation of pages
  • Addition/updation of contacts/addresses/Staff
  • Broken Links
  • Addition/Updation of new products/services/prices
  • Updation and Addition of News/Announcements
  • Keep the look and feel of site contemporary
  • Keeping abreast of latest Search engine requirements

Axil Creations Solutions provides a full range of web maintenance services to offshore firms and companies who wish to outsource their web site maintenance.

We also provide extensive virtual web assistant and 24×7 helpdesk assistance for web maintenance.

Website Re-design and Renovation Services in Nepal.

Many a times existing sites have been poorly developed, look dated, the original web design firm doesn’t exist anymore. In these cases Axil Creations Solutions can help you out of your problem. Axil Creations Solutions team of web designers and developers consults with the clients to assess their needs and sensibilities and redesign the web site fully or partially depending on the requirement/time/budget.

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