CD Roms

Our interactive multimedia CD-ROM engages and involves your business associates like never before, creating the strongest possible impression of your product’s value. A presentation can provide charts, graphs, video, animation and graphics. Animated visuals, original soundtracks and hands-on information will stay fresh in the minds of your customers much longer than a brochure.

These Multimedia CD-ROMs allow your customers to dynamically interact with your company through your Marketing Presentation on the Web. Interaction encourages the building of relationships. Trusting relationships encourage sales.

Our team provides the latest Dynamic HTML, Flash & Streaming media for you to achieve success. Your presentation can be burned to CD, mini-CD or even a business card shaped CD, perfect for mailing, carrying with you, or even handing out as promotional items at live broadcasts.

Business card CDs are important new sales and marketing tools which easily fit in your pocket or wallet.

The concept of a CD ROM business card is simple. A potential customer places your business card CD into their computer’s CD drive, and your dynamic presentation starts right up.

Business card CDs combine the brand-building visual impact of television with the interactivity and high-tech appeal of the Internet. Content can include your whole web site and other digital audio, video, text, 3D animation, descriptive or interpretative voice-overs, links to web sites, e-mail links, and printable material.

Our Multimedia CD-ROM’s Services includes:

  • CD Based Multimedia Presentations
  • Enhanced CDs (Music plus data)
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • User Interactive Programs
  • Product Tutorial CD-ROMs
  • Flash Presentation
  • Flash Catalogs

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