Flash Applications

Adobe Flash is one of the hottest content-creation technologies on the web. A powerful tool for creating rich Internet content, Flash has evolved into a robust environment for developing online advertising, electronic learning courses, user interfaces for enterprise applications, and multimedia content.

Flash can provide a brilliant medium for communicating your more complex ideas in the most easily digestible fashion. Flowcharts, process illustrations, superior user interaction, product demonstrations and case studies are just a few of the types of information that can often be more easily communicated by animation than any other format.

One of the benefits of Flash is that the finished product can be presented on the Web, and/or in an executable format (.EXE). This makes it extremely portable, and avoids requiring the end user to access a software application like MS PowerPoint to view the file.

Flash can play a useful role in offering and an engaging interface. Great for portfolio and entertainment sites, CD ROM development, presentations and web advertising. A flash movie can run on a wide range of devices such as desktop browsers, pda, phone …A real “Write once, run anywhere …… on any devices”.

Our Flash Applications Design and Development Services includes:

  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Flash Remoting
  • Flash Lite Application Development
  • Dynamic Applications
  • Rich Media Advertising

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