Outsource FAQs

How does the offshore development work?
The software development methodology does not change, whether the development is done domestically in the United States, Europe or any other part of the world. Basically, offshore development is about reducing the costs usually involved with your development operations by contracting highly specialized personnel located in a low-cost environment, such as Nepal.

The work will be done in our offshore office, but through the power of the Internet and through our very strong communication skills, it will feel as though we were working right in your facility.

What are the main benefits that businesses gain from offshore outsourcing?
Today’s organizations must find ways to cut costs, obtain higher productivity from skilled resources and have in place best practices, de-risked business through diversification, and accelerate time-to-market for products and services. Offshore outsourcing helps companies meet these objectives by providing:

Cost effectiveness
Salaries of IT professionals are significantly lower than those in North America and Europe. This wage differential translates into cost savings.

Large pool of IT talent
Nepal has a large resource pool of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals with expertise in a wide variety of domains and sectors. This cost effective talent pool can be tapped into and world-class IT resources can be deployed for a reliable services delivery.

Round-the-clock operation
Offshore development facilities located in Nepal are in a distant time zone. There is a time differential between onshore and offshore destinations which translates into a virtual 24/7 kind of operation for your projects. Different time zones can lead to reduced development cycles and time-to-market for your solutions/products

What are the implications of outsourcing? How do I manage outsourcing relationships?
Surveys and studies have proven that more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies outsource some part of their IT operations. Also, their spending on offshore IT outsourcing is repetitive, i.e. they do it on a year-on-year and not experimental basis. If this is the case, why would an organization not outsource and benefit from reduction of the cost of IT initiatives.

Selection of the right vendor is also very important in determining of the success of the new paradigm.

How do I know if my company is a candidate for outsourcing?
Outsourcing is now being considered as a mainstream business strategy to improve overall corporate performance and bring about efficiencies. The Outsourcing Model has evolved and has undoubtedly become the preferred way of doing business by corporations of all sizes. Your company may be a candidate for outsourcing if you are asking yourself the following:

Are my resources being utilized optimally?
Can my IT department improve our corporate efficiency?
Is my company ready to meet the future challenges of technology?
Is there a quicker, more effective method to handle IT function?
Should we consider offshore solutions and services?
Are 40-50% savings for real; what are the after-effects?
Will employees have a basis for litigation? What are their options?

What services does Axil Creations provide?
Axil Creations works with leading organizations world-wide to provide them with offshore software development solutions and services. We specialize in establishing offshore development centers for our clients and partners with teams of IT professionals working dedicatedly for their projects and processes. Broadly, we provide the following services:

Application Development and Maintenance
New Media and Creativity
Internet Marketing and SEO

Where is Axil Creations’s Offshore Development Center located?
Axil Creations’s Offshore Development Center is located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What are the modes of communication?
The modes of communication are the following

Instant Messenger Chat

Do you provide post-development maintenance?
Yes, we do support all software we design and deliver on the basis of a separate support/maintenance contracts. This generally includes bug-tracking and fixing.

Feature enhancements and developments are handled as separate contracts. We track all post maintenance requests, issues, bugs, etc. in our proprietary software TAR Manager. We also do support and maintain software developed by other vendors.

How flexible are you in accepting our standards or methodologies for development on our projects?
Axil Creations is flexible enough to accept your methodologies and standards that suit your project. We can work the way you want us to work and ensure that your business objectives are met.

Can I outsource the projects and assignments that I have from my clients to Axil Creations?
Yes. Partnerships are at the core of our business philosophy. We have built solid relationships with consulting companies globally in order to help them reduce their cost of development through strategic offshore delivery model. We partner with companies that are looking at reliable offshore services provider that can bring about tremendous synergies to their businesses.

What is the response time to an initial communication?
The response time to an email is a few minutes, whereas IM chat is instant with no response time at all. Our team in Nepal can also be available virtually 24/7 for the purpose of responding to customer query.

How detailed a set of requirements do you require from us?
Again, it’s an interactive process.

In scenario one: if you do not have any spec outlined we ask you to give us minimal requirement specifications (may be a page or two page description of the system). Then we start developing the formal requirements document from that. Every release of this document is reviewed by the client and we do modifications accordingly. Generally it goes on from few weeks to a couple of months (depending on size of the project).

In this process the Requirement Specifications becomes the Bible for development. All changes and modifications are captured continuously in this document. On the other hand if you already have a specification document we start with a discussion on that, refine it for some period of time, try to freeze it once all agreed.

What technology experience does Axil Creations have?
Axil Creations has worked on diverse technology platforms and build a solid backbone of technical strength, which enables us to deliver best-in-class services to our clients. Axil Creations has worked extensively for its various clients in the following technology areas:

Web-based technologies
Client/Server Applications
Web Services
Application Packing Services
Legacy Migration Applications

Do offshore programmers write code in their native language?
Code development is done using English language and all code is written using the same tools used by developers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Development team members have good knowledge of English language and world-class communication skills. Our Project Managers work directly with the clients and regularly communicate using a host of channels like email/telephone/IM chat etc. English language is never a problem working with us.

Is the code documented?
Yes, we document all the codes that we develop if requested by the client.

We provide free estimates within 12 - 24 hours